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A. Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is the 6th most common cancer with its incidence increasing by 4.3% per year probably due to widespread use of ultrasound and CT scans.

Risk factors of kidney cancer are smoking, gender, race and age, obesity, overuse of certain medications, exposure to cadmium, long-term dialysis and genetic and hereditary risks.

Symptoms are blood in urine, pain in the back below the ribs, a mass that can be felt, unexplained weight loss, intermittent fevers or night sweats, fatigue and lethargy and fever not associated with a cold or flu. Take heart, however, these may not necessary mean cancer!

Typically there is no associated symptom.

Treatments are varied and depends on the stage of the cancer. Even if surgery is not possible there are treatment to manage the growth of the cancer through blocking the blood flow or freezing the cancer cells. New drugs are also being developed to treat advanced kidney cancer.



B. Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer incidence increases with age.

Risks factors like smoking, working in jobs with chemical exposure, chronic bladder inflammation like urinary infections, bladder stones and kidney stones.

Symptoms are blood in urine, painful urination, frequent urination, feeling the need to urinate without being able to and lower back pain. Again these do not necessary mean cancer but it is important to have them checked by a doctor!

Bladder cancer caught even in early stages may recur so it is important to undergo follow-up screening tests. Cancer in this stage can often be cured.


Treatment depends on the stage of the cancer and though there are side effects for some of its radiation therapy, these are temporary and limited to the area receiving radiation. Side effects for chemotherapy for bladder cancer are also treatable. Talk to your doctor.

Prevention of bladder cancer

  1. Avoid smoking.

  2. Be Careful when handling chemicals and take the necessary safety precaution.

  3. Your mother was right! - Drink plenty of fluids!

  4. She knew what she was talking about when she told you to EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!


C. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has received its fair share of media attention as one of the most common types of cancer in men, affecting about one in six men in the United States. It is a cancer that usually grows slowly and may not cause serious harm but there are types that are aggressive and can spread quickly. If it is detected early and confined to the prostate gland, you have a better chance of successful treatment.

Risk Factors

  1. Risks of having prostate cancer increases after the age of 50.

  2. Race or ethnicity

  3. Family history

  4. Diet. High fat diet and obesity may increase your chances in theory, due to the fact that fat increases of the production of hormone testosterone which may promote the development of prostate cancer cells.

  5. High testosterone levels


Prostate cancer usually does not produce any noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Sadly, many cases of prostate cancer are not detected until the cancer has spread beyond the prostate. For example, less than 5% of prostate cancer patients have urinary symptoms. However, advanced prostate cancer can cause bone pain that doesn't go away, bone fractures and compression of the spine.


If you have cancer :

  1. Do not despair.

  2. Talk to your doctor and have a personalised schedule for follow up tests and go to each appointment.

  3. Take care of yourself emotional and physically.

  4. Take care of yourself by adjusting your diet to include plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

  5. Exercise regularly.

  6. Get enough sleep.

  7. Use relaxation techniques.

  8. Talk with other cancer survivors.

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